CAL has solutions for your risk and insurance problems.

CAL solves our clients’ risk challenges, whatever they may be. Among the many problems we solve are: managing workers’ compensation rate volatility, tracking risk measurements, high costs, gaps in coverage, managing claims, and developing and implementing safety programs.

As your business evolves, insurance needs may evolve, too, as may overall exposures. We professionally manage your insurance portfolio and work with you as your business grows and changes. We also work with your other professional advisors — attorneys, accountants, bankers, HR consultants and others — to ensure you are protected on all sides. If you have a risk-related problem, let’s talk about how we can work together to solve it.

Problems We Solve

The CAL team is here to meet all your insurance and risk challenges. No matter where you are now, we can help evaluate your needs, challenges and issues, then recommend the best strategies for your specific situation. If any of the following sounds like you, don’t worry; CAL can help.

  • Our broker doesn’t advise us during the claim process or help manage our claims situations.
  • We don’t have a true risk partner — our agent seems to “just sell us a policy.”
  • We don’t understand our coverage; why do we need what we have?
  • I have homes and autos in multiple states with different insurance companies and brokers. I need ONE partner licensed in multiple states who can help me identify gaps in my program and maximize my coverage.
  • We don’t know what we don’t know.
  • Our workers’ compensation rates can be volatile from year to year, and we don’t understand what truly drives experience modification factors.
  • My children are heading off to college or moving out on their own. I need guidance to adjust my program to minimize my liability exposure while affording the kids appropriate protection for their individual needs.
  • We are growing quickly and may be outgrowing our current broker.
  • We were surprised to learn our indemnification agreements did not prevent us from avoiding liability claims.
  • I waste an extraordinary amount of time reading through mounds of paper regarding my personal insurance needs. I am interested in a paperless insurance program with a combined billing option.
  • Our employees are trained about safety and workplace behavior, but we still have claims issues, and we just cannot get in front of this.
  • My wealth advisor suggested I seek a higher level of personal umbrella liability protection, but my current broker can not provide the limit I need to protect my assets.
  • I am not comfortable in confiding in my broker, because she/he is just a vendor — not really a partner.

Bad Fits

For the right clients, CAL will be an integral part of your team and your go-to resource for all things risk-related. But we admit when an organization is not a good fit for our services. Some attributes that might be a sign of a bad fit include:

  • An organization or individual looking for “cheap” insurance without care for robust policy language and coverage.
  • An organization or individual not looking for a risk partner, but rather a vendor who just takes orders.
  • An organization or individual that believes having an insurance policy is all the risk management necessary.
  • An organization or individual that does not want to share all key information. Transparency needs to work both ways!

Why People Love Us

CAL is the one brokerage that makes the client experience extraordinary. We don’t expect you to take our word for it, though. Here are some thoughts from our clients:

Joe DeLucchi and his team at CAL Insurance have been a great risk/insurance partner and advisor for the many years we have worked together. From the time I interrupted his family dinner on a Friday night after our previous carrier let our policies lapse, all the way through today, he and his team couldn’t have been a better set of professionals to work with. If you are looking for a reliable, smart and hardworking insurance partner, look no further. Once you engage CAL, you will wonder why you did not do so sooner.

Mark Werling
CFO & Vice President, Finance at Coyuchi, Inc.

I have worked with many other insurance brokers in the past, but working with CAL is unique to any experience I have had. CAL approaches insurance products and risk management differently. They are easy to work with and understand and are extremely responsive. If you are looking for a company to just give you a ‘price quote,’ they are definitely not your company. That said, if you are looking for true professionals to manage your risk and insurance product portfolio, I encourage you to work with CAL.

Graham Chernoff
President, Cumberland Holdings LLC

CAL is a true trusted advisor. They have worked to help us build our business. They have come up with creative solutions and, at appropriate times, asked key questions to ensure we have no undesirable exposures.

Ciaran Power
Founder, Discovia

I started out working with CAL on our general liability coverage, and over the course of a few years, they ended up serving all our other insurance policies, as well. Furthermore, they were extremely helpful in aiding us in due diligence as we were considering making acquisitions in other industries by sharing with us potential costs and coverage issues prior to making an investment.

Pankaj Amin
Managing Director, SC Ventures

CAL consistently goes above and beyond the standard level of care. Marc Dorneles made drastic improvements on an otherwise routine renewal, demonstrating the highest level of ethical conduct, value and genuine concern for my company. I’m equally impressed by his responsiveness and availability to thoroughly access my needs. I feel confident in the strength of the protection my risk management portfolio provides me and my company. It is a balance between coverage and price, and I am pleased with the affordability of my coverage.

Peter C. Karp
President, Karp Capital Management

CAL has been invaluable in helping us navigate the insurance world. Marc Dorneles helped us figure out exactly what we needed, and didn’t waste our time with long, complex sales pitches. When our office was recently burglarized, we ended up in a dispute with the insurance company over some silly minutiae. We weren’t getting anywhere with the insurance company, and we couldn’t even figure out who to call. Marc personally got on the phone with the insurance company, argued our case, and helped us get to the bottom of things.

Eddie Siegel
CTO, TapFwd

CAL’s Marc Dorneles has been my broker for the past year for my company’s workers’ comp insurance and now our full commercial liability insurance. He has made a huge effort to build a solid relationship with our company and stay actively involved with what we are doing while keep our best interest in mind. CAL has also been very helpful in providing additional resources to our business.

Wendy Kawada
Director of Administration & Restaurant Operations, Kasa Indian Eatery

Linda Smith assisted me with the renewal of my personal home and auto policies. She was excellent in the service she provided — very prompt, knowledgeable and professional. She is a real asset to your company — you’re fortunate to have her on your team, as she represents CAL in a really positive manner.

Richard Benson

Thank you so much for your assistance with this matter — I am confident that our prior broker would have been of little value to us in resolving this matter, whereas you have been of great value to us. I spoke to my daughter and, as you can imagine, she is very relieved, as she had concerns about what kind of condition her car would be in after such a major amount of damage repair.

A Private Client Services Policyholder